Success Story

Flixmedia INpages boost Darty check out rate by 27.96%

Flixmedia, a proud member of the Advantage Solutions family of companies and leading global influencer of omni-channel sales – are delighted to share this great result that proves the impact of INpages on Darty’s sales rate. The Darty team were keen to determine not only the effect on cart conversion when Flixmedia light up a product page with official, rich, brand content but also to follow that shopper journey through to the actual sale. Both Flixmedia and Darty were very pleased to see these stunning results.

Global Retail Director Thomas de Quatrebarbes of Flixmedia, commented “We had a strong sample size of over twenty nine thousand shoppers in this test and the resultsare statistically significant at 99% confidence (t-test). This tells us that only 1 in 100 results could have occurred by chance. I am extremely pleased to share this news and proud of the program we have built with Darty.”

The AB test was conducted using a representative sample of thirty products from six leading brands. The test was simple in design; within the same timeframe, an ‘A group’ of shoppers were exposed to the Flixmedia INpages whilst a ‘B group’ were not. The different behaviour patterns exhibited by those that were not exposed to the rich content versus those that were exposed can be tracked and compared. This allows Flixmedia to test the impact of the INpage syndication service alone whilst controlling for all other variables.

“Despite years of testing and optimising, I am still staggered by the profound impact that official, rich, brand content has on shoppers. In this test, the Flixmedia INpage service boosted actual sales by 27.96%. Outside of a price drop, it is hard to name many marketing services that move the needle by that much! Thomas, myself and the Shopper Insights team at Flixmedia are very proud to collaborate with Darty and look forward to continued partnership and innovation in the future.”

Ben Perrins

Chief Strategy Officer at Flixmedia