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> why use content syndication <

Flixmedia’s content syndication service enables our retail partners to leverage brands’ rich content to drive shopper engagement and conversions on your product pages too.


Increase sales

Brands know more engaged shoppers means better sales. Tests with our retail partners prove that Flixmedia’s bespoke content syndication services boost conversion rates by as much as 27.96%. Increase your shopper engagement and conversion rates by using Flixmedia’s content syndication to pull engaging rich content from our brand partners directly onto your product pages.


Save time

With hundreds of brands and thousands of products to deal with, your time and resource are limited. Flixmedia’s content syndication service automatically feeds rich content from our brand partners directly onto your product pages, real-time. Our custom technology, services and processes also make the one-time setup of around 30 minutes as painless as possible. Make life easier for your digital and supplier teams.

> why Flixmedia <

Founded in 2005, Flixmedia works with some of the world’s biggest brands, delivering their premium content directly to the product pages of their retail partners and boosting conversion rates by up to 27.96% in the process.

Our brand partners choose Flixmedia because they want one single content syndication provider with a genuinely global reach. Because they want tailored premium content layouts instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template. They stay with us because of our far superior content capability, high quality service and unyielding customer focus. And even the small number of customers who have been seduced away to competitors typically come back to us within 12-18 months. Our customer retention rate speaks for itself.


Choose the best

Flixmedia is the content syndication provider of choice to many of the world’s biggest brands, covering 1,491,298 products in 40 languages. Our goal is to help you and our brands sell more. Join our Global Shopper Network of +1,600 Retailers in + 80 countries covering +2bn shoppers to get automated feeds directly onto your product pages and boost your conversion rates by up to 27.96%.










*unique visitors each year

Captivate shoppers

Brands spend a lot of time, effort and money developing rich content for product launches on their websites. And there is increased pressure to ensure it is leveraged throughout the channel. Flixmedia goes beyond a limited number of standard “one-size-fits-all” content templates to ensure that shoppers on your product pages get the same stunning experience as on the brand’s own website. Delight your shoppers and meet the execution requirements of your brand partners.


Find your fit

We offer a number of bespoke services around content syndication to fit your needs and capabilities, including INpages, MiniSites, HotSpots, Product Reviews, Comparison Tables, etc. We partner closely with our retail and brand partners to continuously develop new services to fit evolving needs. In fact, some of our recent innovations have been a direct result of this partnership mentality.


Set up FREE & easily

Flixmedia’s content syndication service is free of cost to our retail partners. It won’t even cost you internal resource after the initial 30-minute setup, as all our services are automated. And with an international team from 20 countries speaking 30 languages, you can be certain that language and cultural barriers won’t get in the way of a smooth setup or ongoing maintenance.

> how does it work <

You simply need to copy our bespoke javascript code into your master product page template. Then copy a specific line of code for the particular service e.g. INpage or MiniSite at the level where you wish the content to appear on your product page.

The setup process takes maximum 30 minutes. It’s that simple! Once the code is implemented, you will automatically receive rich content from our brand partners directly onto your product pages.

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> no worries <

We understand you’ll have lots more questions about our services. Two of the most common ones we get are, “Will the rich content slow down page load times?” and “Will the rich content impact SEO rankings?”. Contact our Retail Team to get quick answers to your queries or to get a copy of our FAQs.

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