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Using a bespoke code, Flixmedia automatically delivers the engaging digital content and assets that brands develop directly to the product pages of the world’s biggest retailers.
This rich content can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites.


Improved shopper


Increased sales


Better brand


Less internal

> letting shoppers try before they buy <

With hundreds of retailers connected across 40 countries, Point and Place is a revolutionary Augmented Reality Shopping Platform that engages and educates shoppers like never before. Available on iOS and Android devices, it reduces the 'Imagination Gap' for shoppers when buying online. Allow shoppers to place TVs, dishwashers, fridges, printers, laptops and hundreds of other products in their own home to speed up the decision-making process and reduce product returns.

> enriching the shopper experience <

Flixmedia can replicate and recreate even the most complex premium content from our brand partners and seamlessly push it out to our unrivalled network of retailers globally, real-time.
We pride ourselves on the level of sophistication we can achieve. Our work speaks for itself.


Increase conversion rates on retailer websites by up to 27.96%

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> reaching more shoppers globally <

We understand many companies want one service provider globally.
We’ve worked hard to build the most comprehensive network of retailers globally.

Since our foundation in 2005, we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to syndicate rich content to their retailers globally. Those long years of collaboration have led to us having an extremely comprehensive network of retailers globally, which we continue to expand each year.






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We’re a passionate, ambitious, dynamic company that will always go the extra mile for our customers. We’ve put a lot of work into finding and training a great bunch of similarly minded people who thrive in and enjoy that kind of environment.